“Defend ideas. Not people. Never defend people. People are fickle, complicated. And even when you defend ideas, interrogate them until they prove worthy. And find ways to improve those ideas. Ideas will not sneak up on you and have scandals. They will not be greedy and betray you. Defending ideas means that you can fight for justice even when the recipient is an a**hole. Defending people means that sooner or later, you will be forced to defend idiocy and untruth.” – Elnathan John

Clouded and mental darkness,

Stabbing and sharpening insanity

Family inconvenience,

Clouded and mental darkness,

Stabbing and sharpening insanity

Family inconvenience,

Rumors and interest severely compounding,

Kunta Kinte,

Judge him now,

A lost kindred Zimbabwean,

Reward for his capture,

The judgement may never be thwarted.

Civilian bandit,

Miles from mothers carriage,

Society’s alarming judgment,

Broke his promises?

God forsaken!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ll keep you in prayer,

Accusations captained a mental violence.

Kunta Kinte!

Reward for his capture,

Pharasaical concerns should forever be thwarted!

Pilgrim in a barren land,

Guilty conscience paused a potent rise,

Rising from ashes, burning coals,

Rampant Sigma sands,

Illicit duplicity,

May God forgive timeless and consuming inequities,

And bring all to the promised land.

Army Drums banging!

Reverberations and echoes made him a prodigal,

He never refused to return,

He assumed he was a Son of the Soil,

Battling concerns and accusations,

Kunta Kinte!

Agonizing cries for help!

Reward for his capture!

May cruel judgement  be swiftly thwarted.

Sorrow, grief, anger and disbelief,

All used to drink from the same God-given creek,

You’ll Never Walk Alone they mumbled,

Embers of his memory unveiled the disguise,

They allowed him to reach offspring of the tribe,

Reprimanded and forced into deathly denial.

Guide him O thou great redeemer,

May his path be free of guilt.

And peaceful sanity gracefully reinstated!

Kunta Kinte,

We are not gods,


May all be forgiven and judgment forever thwarted.

©  2018 SonofGuruve


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#Conscience of a Hermit

It was #WorldPoetryDay yesterday so we decided to repost @DanManyika’s poem:

Conscience of a Hermit.

We lived yesterday for tomorrow’s blight,

We live today for yesterday’s plight,

We live now for tomorrow’s lie.
We die today for tomorrow’s life,

But tomorrow’s life will die before it is born.

We ask for no reprisal.

We ask not for last year’s mercy,

But plead for an emotional rescue.

We ask not for forgiveness.

We bear no grudges,

Even though grudges reside in our conscience.
Our conscience knows no guilt,

Because guilt is a foreign imposition,

That knows no friend or foe.

We brook no pleasure In the imposition of emotions

On our mental common room,

Already over-crowded by the mercies of yesteryear’s guilt.

We will live tomorrow,

On the benevolent promise Of a bumper harvest of ashes,

From the badly burnt treasures,

From down memory lane.

We will outlive tomorrow,

As we have done in centuries past.

We will outshine the sun, Because we no longer fear,

The shadows that hang on our everyday existence.

We will.

We will.

We will.

We will.

Because we are Zimbabweans.


© 2018 SonofGuruvé

WAKANDA by SonofGuruvé – 3/9/2018

It was a dream, but was it?


He finally watched Black Panther.

His writing partner bought him a ticket and even though he was late, he made it just in time for some African Magic.

He’d been anticipating this moment for his whole life.

Considering, how far he’d come as an African Bootyscratcher in the United States of America.

He distinctly remembered being laughed at because he was an African student on campus.

Walking from the library, the ignorant cheerleader said, “Speak English Shaka!”.

He distinctly remembered the threat to attack him when he was in Baltimore, MD while walking around with Doctor Pari.

When a brother says, “I’ll put 5 on it”, be very careful.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

He was just a lost immigrant child unaware of black-on-black crime.  In Africa this term didn’t exist so he was just puzzled.

He distinctly remembers being barred from his girlfriend’s family home because of the pigment of his skin.

He remembers not being allowed to complete a credit application because his passport was from a foreign country.  It still is.

He remembers phone calls that were made to stop him from starting a scholarship at his almer mata.

He also remembers his Sigma brother who took him under his wings and introduced him to #BlueJuice.

He remembers his big brother who inspired him to graduate with honors by applying the true virtues of a Sigma man.

He’d been too busy party-hopping, but his big brother’s words got him back on track.

He remembers when his big brother had cancer, but didn’t know how to handle the situation so he guiltily sent “thoughts and prayers”.

Suddenly Afro-Futurism entered the fray and Black Panther is like his life story.

Dark skin and Africa are suddenly “cool” and so are dashikis and natural hair.

His tattoos now hold so much more value because when he got them, they were for his ancestors and now they’re on the global Motion Picture.

So he wrote a song/poem two weeks before the movie came out and let it be known that Danai Gurira is his crush because she is from Zimbabwe and went to his sister school.

He hopes that as she reads this, she blushes.

He is proud that his eight years in South Carolina were not in vain because he recently learned Chadwick Boseman is from Anderson.

Dang. Black Panther just walked past me.

No need to delay.

Here it is.

He is not a victim.

He’s just a legal African immigrant trying to help others one line after line.

WAKANDA  by SonofGuruvé Published 3/9/2018

Check the Fahrenheit you aren’t hot enough!

Check your mind’s mileage you ain’t GROWN enough!

Tremblin because of  dat potent African hype?

Short man scribin all of dat!

Destructing African stereotypes,


Scheming in my lab, bad man never behind,

Eagle eye sparrow, why you scared of foreign heights?

The tribe building bitcoin mayonnaise-colored hype,

Black Wall Street n dat,

Wakanda Africans beaming dat light,

Right type,

Black Panther masquerading at night

You didn’t know he’s from Zimbabwe,

The Kingdom of Mutapa,

And that’s That!

And that’s That!



Naijah gal baking me alotta Yam,

Inidian girl servin me spicy naam,

Techie gal sending me bare spam,

Christian gal – sending plenty Bible braps,

Freaky girl sending me freaky snaps,

Coco Butter but Momma say I don’t like that,

Moral compass, keep that Natwest balance,

Black Panther, Black man pull up!

HE  got the London African mandem saying BRAAAP!

Don’t say whatever coz I bring you every weather.

Now give me my sweater, it’s never cold in keDecember!

Verse Two

Check the Fahrenheit – you ain’t cold enough!

Check your mind’s mileage – you ain’t rolled enough!

They want to roll but only two seats,

They got knowledge they can’t reach,

Snapping me grinning my teeth,

They say they tall trees, but no fruit,

They say they old, but yo they a yout,

Afro Wave got her snapping me her glutes.

Short man, heavy pinstriped and beige suit,

Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Hearts?

No I’m an ACE,

I got four Black suits.

Crazy 8, No lucky card – No Pick n Play.

Gushungo’s Speech:

Now you gotta pick two!

Bad Man Forward,

Bad man Pull up!

Class is in session, growing from the roots!

So let me teach.

London Immigration had me waiting for a week,



Man I had Beef!

Give me a minute!

I’m not stuttering,

This not di Last King’s speech!


Naijah gal baking me alotta Yam,

Inidian girl baking me lotta nam,

IT gal got sending me bare spam,

Christian gal sending me plenty Bible braps,

Freak girl sending me plenty, freaky snaps,

Coco Butter Momma say I don’t like that,

Moral compass, keep that moral balance,

Black Panther, Black man pull up!

I got the London African mandem saying BRAAAP!

Don’t say whatever coz I bring you every weather.

Now give me my sweater, it’s never cold in keDecember!


Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom,

Poom Poom Poom Poom,

Don’t test me,


We Distressing.



Tribe from Mvurwi,

Left my gal from Barking,

Her name’s Landddaaaaani

Other one Tapi, Mandi and Shingi,

Black Boots!

Dem Boy smokin’ inna African fountain of truth.

We know our roots,

Our roots,

Our roots,

Wakanda Black Panther!

My ting, My G!

My rings,

Black Rims,

No Tims,

Never lean,

I’m out – Like Fela said – I’ve got death in my mutha*** pouch!

 ∞ (Adapted from Not3s’ “99 +1” song)

 © 2018 SonofGuruve

Arsenal ft. Mike G


Man, so it’s been a dreadful week. Sadly, I had to write two songs for two very good friends of mine who sadly passed away one day apart. I don’t really want to talk about it, but for those who do, please share this post.  I lost a very good friend who was going to be the CFO of #TribeofGuruve.  Unfortunately this will not happen because he retired his Arsenal jersey.

I hugged his Mother, Father, Brother and sister yesterday.  Without their approval, I would not be posting this piece.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it.  It’s called “Arsenal” – SonofGuruve ft. Mike.

Select a victorious, yet melancholic song of your choice then read it while listening to it in the background.

Here is what inspired SonofGuruve’s “Arsenal” ft. Mike G:

  • Young Thug feat. Millie Go Lightly  – “She Wanna Party”
  • Future – “Incredible”  
  • *Bonkaz – F**k Fame (Full Mixtape 2016):Song #2 – Bonkaz –  “What Tha F** is Fame?”
    • Song#7 – Bonkaz ft. Greey – “Complicated”.

*We are not sure what team Bonkaz supports to be honest, but he got us there.

“Arsenal” — SonofGuruvé ft. Mike G.

Man, today it’s North London Sunny,

but I’m feeling kind of cold,


Man, Mike may your soul Rest In Peace.

You led me to seal those three Ps.

3 Points, but you gave me pretty, precious, peace.

Man, a major victory,

I had to stop rhyming,

Man just to take a seat,

When I heard about the tragedy!

No lease,

Too many Fees?

Your contract came to a sad end,

But I’m gonna be the best,

Because you freaking said it.

Mike for the Hell of it!

We were supposed to go to the Emirates?

You gave me so much luck,

Man, even 100 bucks!

Man it freaking Sucks!

Man Mike remember that day at Rira’s?

FA Cup?

Man with your Fatha,

Matha, Finally met your Sistah and Brotha!

Wenger In, Wenger Out!

Man you had so much Luck,

You had so much buzz!

Man, Mike what’s the fuss?

I’m on my way!

Remember, I’m not Chelsea,

Man never stops moving!

I never Park the Bus.

Don’t Test Us.


Man, Oh Shssss*!

I lost two friends in a week!

So Peak!

Mandem was was my G!

I’m a Boss now, because of people like him!

They don’t understand,

They don’t even ask the question why!

Today I’m a Gunner,

You WIll Never Walk Alone, my mandem Mike.

Remember #Nocopyright.

Verse 2

Man gimme one second,

Man gimme One Minute,

This is for all the fake people,

Checking to see if I’m cool!

One second mayne – Man I’m just saying.

Remember when I was sick of the same?

When I wasn’t feeling well?

And you left me laying? You Ghosted right?

Now I’m roasting,

Man I’m toasting,

Belly flopping!

Mandem AFRICAN Ghost writing!

I only want you to know that people come and go!

The devil tries to deceive!

Man he makes you think,

Makes your brain freeze!

Man it’s a disease! Stop that Hubreeeeze.

Feel the breeze!

Man, I meant Hubris!

This one’s for the ones who didn’t make it.

Man Mike we we we WE!

We gonna freaking make it,

Yes I freaking said it!

Yes I freaking said it!

Do you want me to repeat it?!

We gonna make it!

We GUNNER ready!

Allan Donalds – Yes a golden duck?

Don’t I still owe you 100 bucks?

Back to footy – Man I’m on the run!

Pass that Ball Mike!

Man I promise – I’ll give it back!

Man I’m on the run!

You was a fool, a real funny tool!

Though you’re gone!

I’m gonna score that goal,

Imma Be a stunner!

Be a Freaking Goonner!

Man like Mike you were my favorite Gunner!

Mike I’m a gunner for you,

I’mma run up on em!

Score that goal for you!

Man you was my dude!

You were so cool,

Gave me your couch when no one else would.

Remember when you restored my energy?


I’m a Red Bull!

Rest In Peace!

Man you my Gunner G!

Man Like Mike, Man Rest in Peace!

It’s like you never Left!

[Chorus x 2]

Outro [Mike Talking and Laughing]



Call me anytime or call 1-800-273-8255 if I’m unavailable.  All proceeds related to the use of “Arsenal” song go towards Mike’s Family.  I believe they set up a Foundation or Memorial in his name.  Please a comment about your favorite Memory of Mike Go. 

Rest in Peace.  Hooligans will never be the same, and you will Never Walk Alone.

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©️ SonofGuruve 2018


I lost a friend the other day, so I wrote a rap about him.

~#rip @DJLEONsa


Did you get my message?


Did you get my message?

Did Ya? Did ya? Did Ya!?

Homie Homie Homie?

I sent you a text message,

Bro let’s get faded!

Come on man! Why is it still unread?

Come Again!?

Open it! Man, Open it!

Man I assumed you’d  be up at Noon.

Zoom, ZOOm, ZOOM,


Man DJ Banda, DJ Leon!

My Zimbabwe DJ MANDEM,

I remember that time in my room,

In Biology with Thaba, Timbaland and Magoo!


Incredible, Incredible,

Incredible, Incredible,

DJ Leon u incredible.

Shortman Hustla


Man Beating those DRUMS!


Never numba 2,

We met in SET 2,

Man I’m so hurt,

Man I’m crying over you.

RIP Sahwira!

Man Beers in Cooler!

But my heart is feeling colder!

Incredible, Incredible,

DJ Leon u incredible.

No weed, but so clean, always lean,

Always a KING!

No bongs, I guess I was wrong!

Man, I guess I COPiedWRONG.


Sent you a message,

Bro It’s still unread!

Sent you a letter too,

Are you still in the Booth?

Did you read my message?

I thought you left the BOOTH?

Rest Easy Home,

We were so misunderstood,

Man, Same Hood!

Leon man you were so good,

Beats been drumming like good food ,

Wanted to introduce you,

to Wretch32,

But funny coz I havent met him yet!

Why,Why, Why?

Not tigers,


Same school,

I mean they beta give you a beautiful sendoff,

Not being rude,

but if they don’t, I’ll be moving South,

Wakanda Warrior!

You had death in your pouth,

I meant POUCH!

Sorry I’m stuttering.

What the f am I supposed to DO!?

Who’s gonna help me make this good food!?


We never spoke often,

WE were so Fresh to DEATH but now,

But now you in a coffin.

Muthafn Boppin,

Always HAPPY Balling,


Shout out to SET 2

SET 2!

Set to Never!

Set up to NEVER LOSE!

DJ Imma See you later!

I’ll always love ya!

[Outro Audio of @DJLEONsa talking]





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Send to:

#All #proceeds #go #to #his #family #to #assist #with #whatever #they #need.

Geez. Peace. That’s me.

No COPYRIGHT. Go ahead Rude Boi.

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