🎤Kema the Gentle Giant and the Keeping it Gidi podcast team invited us to experience a podcast recording. As we shared a candid conversation, a military takeover besieged Harare, Zimbabwe during our recording. Click the iTunes link below:


🎤In Spring 2016 we connected with a Masters student at the African Studies Conference in Charlotte, NC. Almost two years later, were were honored to be selected as subjects in her Doctorate thesis study at Louisville University. The subject matter related to being Black, African and Greek. Click the YouTube link below:

🎤Participation and co-hosting four episodes on an Afropolitan Podcast known as The African Booty Scratchers and recorded in the Umbrellamindz Studios at Camp Northend, Charlotte, NC. Click the Spotify links below.

🎤Episode 1 – The Term:

🎤Episode 2 – Charlotte Local Vibes – Part 1

🎤Episode 3 – Charlotte Local Vibes – Part 2

🎤Episode 4 – Juneteenth Festival

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