Nobleman’s LB

Let’s just pretend it was a heated boardroom discussion. The Chief Warrior known as Arani was definitely uncomfortable and under fire.  He imagined it like the spring of 1985 when Steve Jobs got fired from the very same company he founded in his garage.

The only exception is that Arani didn’t get the Tottenham Alan Sugar message:

“You are Fired!”

It was rather distressing, but a necessary discussion.  Sometimes loved ones will make you feel uncomfortable and make you bellow out to the heavens.  They will have you searching for answers because of their constant credible challenges.  With family, he’d rather it be an uncomfortable exchange because he dislikes stagnant and unfruitful relationships.  He also dislikes religious coziness and unnecessary sedentary comfort.  Once, he joked to his prayerful aunt that he no longer goes to Church.

Tete said,

“Arani, mwana iweweka uchanetsa!”

In Shona (Zimbabwe native language) this statement means,

“Arani, you silly kid! You are going to be troublemaker!”

This time, he had taken one step too far.  He realized he overstepped his role as a potential alpha in the family.  The one detail he overlooked was the responsibility needed to wait his turn and know his role as his father’s son.  After a couple of meetings with the podcast mandem, he still felt the unease, so he decided to wake up bright and early and go to one of his Sunday watering holes.

During the band’s booming and spiritual music, he called Tete on a WhatsApp video call to reassure her he was joking.   He still goes to worship – just to different gatherings.  He goes where his spirit is led.  The voice of the spirit speaks louder than any announcement from any pulpit.  There he was ready to listen and perhaps ask for forgiveness from the Father and the ancestors he likely upset when he failed to heed his father’s call.

The Nobleman‘s LB (little brother) stood there before us – a muscular, well dressed, bronze, short and vibrant man – just like the orator MLK.  He spoke live and direct from the four chambers of his heart.  He lost Arani when he started freestyling on stage.  He made him feel distinctly uncomfortable.  The speaker continued and mentioned when his father was unwell, he failed to be there emotionally, but fortunately he was able to be there financially.

Bewildered, Arani thought to himself,

“Why is it that every time this Monks Corner orator speaks he is always speaking to him directly?”

The last time he watched the orator live was February 5, 2017.  He invited the Nobleman to speak to his masses.  The orator’s big brother is Nobleman ofcourse and who Arani wrote about a couple of years ago.  The Nobleman inspired Arani to confront his biggest challenge in his life.  His people later wrote to Arani and gave him a spark and some magic that he hopes will never run out.

Arani was very disappointed when the Nobleman received his Steve Jobs punch to the guts.  Imagine starting a nonprofit in your living room, then for some prominent, debatable, public and edgy reasons you are let go – at the moment you are most vulnerable and leading the largest organization of your type in your home State.

**Please note this is an opinion of how Arani felt and his sole, unsoiled and unbiased opinion.  Arani doesn’t want to start a denominational beef.  Arani left too and followed the Nobleman.  He’s just glad he’s broadcasting online again, and hopefully comes back even stronger as we all should.


When Steve Jobs came back he he inspired us with juice, sauce, and power through Apple. He persisted and came back with incredible tenacity and certainly drove his company to new heights.  Arani bets all his bitcoins that you’re reading this from an iPhone or iPad.

……….Back to February 5, 2017. 

The Nobleman and his LB (little brother) stood there and they embraced.  Arani was just glad to see the two of them supporting each other.  He remembered a very similar experience because his little big brother also embraced him when he needed him the most.

When Arani’s brother flew 4,000 miles to be there for his brother. That’s the last time they embraced. Photo by Jalen’s mummy. We love her.

Arani is hopeful as you read this, you have a loyal sibling that can be there for you when you need them the most.  Life isn’t always fuzzy and pretty.  He routinely refers to his first mentor who once uttered the following in Yorkshire,

“Arani, they never said it would be easy!”.

Special saucy shoutout to Frazier Neasham.  You know who you are.  You’re an early inspiration for Arani.  He hopes you are still building nice, sustainable homes with Mr. Jim Reedy.  You were Manager then, but Arani bets you are now a Director.


So the Nobleman’s little brother continued and below is a small summary of the things Arani jotted down at the fountain:

  • Understand your function. Don’t be the treadmill you hang clothes to dry on in the winter.  That’s dysfunction.
  • Coming into one’s calling is getting out of comfort zones and everything that you are familiar with.
  • The reason the man came was not for us to be comfortable – but to confront us.
  • The more people are uncomfortable are with your message, the more truth you are conveying.
  • Capernaum means the Village of  Comfort.

When he defined the meaning of Capernaum, Arani’s conscience was brutally bruised and defeated to tears because he realized in that moment – he was in the right place.  He kind of needed a spiritual smack in the face.  He realized his Wakanda Spirit was right on the money.  Apparently twenty two miracles were recorded in this little city called Capernaum – the village of “comfort”.

Arani lost some focus during the speech and comically remembered his 22nd birthday when he took his parents out for some Indian curry.  He later went out but never returned home as promised.  His parents went to the hospital, the police and the morgue and came back empty handed. Arani casually walked in the next morning like nothing happened but is sorry for making them uncomfortable that day.  When he came back like the Prodigal Son they should have smacked him in the face. 

On the other hand, blame his best man dem – Roland V.  Shoutout to all the mandem from Fulford, York too. Arani wishes we could to the Gallery on Sunday and go downstairs like old days.

The next time you hear a rumor about yourself, don’t ask what they said.  Ask the person telling you,

“What made the person speaking these uncouth things comfortable sharing this detail with you?”

Nobleman’s LB

It’s only when you’re uncomfortable that you begin to learn who you really are, he guessed.  Try something new.  Pick up an instrument. Apply for that job.  Sell your couches.  Stop watching television.  Adopt a cat.

For three years, Arani did this and his spirit began to hear voices of reason and of truth.  He began to feel alive again and it readied him for a spiritual yet human experience he never knew existed. We are far too insulated particularly by our luxurious cars, our fluffy couches and our comfortable beds.  At Bearcat College we collaborated with Mike and the ATOs and slept outside in the blistering winter to raise awareness for the homeless.  The uncomfortable cold was too much for Arani so he told JR he was retreating to his little second-hand bed where he was renting a house from Zimbabwe’s most prolific historian and writer.  Shoutout to Dr. Kenny M.

As this post ends, make an effort to be uncomfortable within reason and with some logic.  Arani is not saying quit your job.  Arani truly believes when you stop, lean, and listen you will hear something new about yourself.  Arani still rides the bus everyday and Ubers sparingly. Hopefully, one day he can receive an award called the UWC – The Uber of Written Creativity.  At least he’s trying one post at a time and it’s all for his mummy.

Try having a conversation with a homeless stranger.  You’ll be surprised how much you have in common.  He did this on his 30th birthday in Atlanta, GA and the wheel-chair bound homeless gentleman handed him his best gift ever – everything he had – $2.50.

Go volunteer at a children’s shelter.

Give away something for free and we don’t mean money.

Time. Love. Books. Food. Honesty. Ears. Start with those.

As this post ends, Arani’s mother and father also named him Munyaradzi not only to please the Shona gods, but mainly to maintain his African identity. You’ll be surprised to learn that Munyaradzi means comforter in the Shona language. Arani insists he’s not here to make you feel comfortable.  If you’re wondering, the Board approves this message.  They almost suckered punched him into a Steve Jobs fracas.

The message is stop being comfortable and read the Nobleman’s books. After, listen to his LB from Monks Corner, South Carolina.

We at the #TribeofGuruvé are watching the Nobleman and his LB very closely.  We want to thank them for inspiring this Wakanda African magic.  When Arani, finished writing this post, he was in tears because he realized how far he’d come with the help of real friends and family who helped him when he needed them the most.

Have a Noble day.

The Nobleman. February 5, 2017

**Arani is aware this post is going in several directions.  It took a long time to write.  It’s just the mixtape of a deeper story.  Whatever you get out of it, the main philosophy is help others – especially your brother or sister.

© 2018 SonofGuruvé 2018


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Bayern Ryan

A friend asked me the other day,

“Why do you put your business out there on your blogging website? “.

I thought to myself, fair question. Let’s just say it’s because the truth of my business is what set me free. I guess I was tired of being misadvised to lie all the time by old friends in my adolescence, teenage years and later in university by different peers and I’ll distinctly put it as pessimistically in my adulthood. I always have a side eye when being advised to lie. Nowadays, I prefer the truth to be written down as opposed to being recorded via audio or video. Trust me it will save you plenty pennies. I no longer talk extensively on camera except in comfortable and calculated environments with the #TribeofGuruve gal dem or man dem.

Why wait till someone misinterprets your words that you can’t reverse and suddenly you’re playing defense from an uncomfortable position? Hopefully my defense is as strong as Jérôme Boateng who’s my favorite Bayern Munich football player.

I’m sure you guessed it’s because of his #GhanaWakanda roots, but it’s all good because he plays for Germany and they are the best, at least technically. There’s no need to lose sleep over immigration and naturalization of Black Africans. Let’s just say #WakandaAfricans are global tribesmen and so is Jérôme.

My Baba, @DanManyika taught me this responsibility many years ago, so special shoutout to him and his Twitter account which is less than two years old. Check him out.

The irony of this post is the intersection of my little-big brother’s name, a team that I respect, but lowkey dislike because they win all the time and a place where I met this one-eyed lad – literally.

For the purposes of this post, he shall be Bayern Ryan. I don’t think people realize the impact of one’s first impression. It leaves a lasting and indelible mark on your ineradicable memory and has no rehearsal no matter how many times you try in front of the mirror. When I met Ryan at Hoolie’s, he was a South Carolinian twang-speaking sailor. I won’t repeat his fancy words because I’m realizing I have readers less than 18-years old now and I don’t want to be remembered as a sailing writer.

Bayern Ryan is clearly passionate about his favorite team – Bayern Munich to the point that his Cancer-ravaged eyeball was replaced with a Bayern-eye-ball. If you meet him you’ll look for a moment when he’s not aware of his periphery to stare into his gruesome socket, but thankfully it’s covered by an artistic eye.

(Leave me a comment and tell me who the designer was so I can give them credit)

I’m not here to steal shine, but to bring it.

What you won’t realize in your first interaction with him is his Social Media savvy skills and how he gets into high rooms in high places in the football fraternity. I’m here to admit that part of why we pursue Social Media profusely for the #TribeofGuruve. It’s because there are millions of Ryans who need to be reached and plenty of influencers that can change their lives not necessarily with money, but with juice, sauce and a power to meet whatever goals they want to accomplish in life.

Pause and take a deep breath.

This is where this post gets juicy.

On New Year’s Day 2018, one-eyed Ryan almost lost his life to a bone-crushing head-on collision. A driver decided to get a felony-DUI by driving on the opposite side of the road. You may not believe me, so here you go:

Knocked out into blackness, skin blue and unconscious with his one-eyed life before him, this Bayern sailor was slipping into death. Only God knows how some Samaritan-passers-by and meticulous emergency professionals secured his body – before it became a host of once a Bayern Spirit.

This was inevitably going to be a fateful day exactly two months ago and so I’m here for you to reflect.

Here’s a list of injuries Ryan shared with me over text message:

  1. Ruptured spleen,
  2. shattered R femur,
  3. sliced R MCL and Meniscus,
  4. crushed R ankle,
  5. foot and heel,
  6. L tibia plateau fracture,
  7. Pulmonary Embolism.


  1. I have a titanium rod and 6 screws in my femur,
  2. MCL and Meniscus knee surgery,
  3. 3 lag bolts and 4 screws in my foot,
  4. 4. 2 plates and 8 screws in left knee,
  5. A IVC filter to prevent another Pulmonary Embolism,
  6. In total bills to this point estimated $425k.

Look in his one eye and I’m sure you can’t believe he is still alive. Here we are catching up a couple of weeks ago – before I was compelled to write this post.

I’ve grown to be fond of Ryan because he wakes up with a smile on his face everyday no matter the circumstances. I’m actually going to stop writing right now because this body of work speaks for itself.

If Bayern Ryan can survive Cancer, a near-death auto-accident that was not his fault, what’s stopping you from overcoming your fears or struggles? I used to complain and make excuses about everything. I used to cry about everything – then I met Bayern Ryan. Go figure where my mindset is now. I’m only hopeful Jehovah keeps it that way.

Before I go, I have some funnies. I told Bayern Ryan I can’t wait to slide-tackle him one day. In true Bayern Ryan fashion he responded,

“My legs are all metal now lol. Feel free to tackle my bionic a***. Lol.”

If you’d like to contribute to Bayern Ryan’s #JUSTGIVING page, click the embedded link before the word “page”. Lol.

Have a Bayern Ryan day.

©️ SonofGuruve 2018

Installment #2 – Unsigned Light – Burl Dollah

When I wrote “F your February ” I was telling the man dem and the gal dem about what we do at the #TribeofGuruvé. Here’s an excerpt:

I wonder why I’m limited to celebrating #BlackHistory during the shortest month of the calendar? Secondly, why is my checking account relegated to the ashes because of all the unnecessary content-consumption on telly, #Wallymart superstores and #radio?  Every girlfriend I’ve ever had, whether Zimbabwean, English, American, or Egyptian, exerted this pulsating pressure on me, and my little kindred spirit always caved in. Back then, I was a frail, little boy.


But now, things have slightly changed.  I’m not as frail, but leader and #ChiefWarrior of a #ghostwriting collective of African Ghost Artists.  The modus operandi I set upon them is to politely be a #rebel with a cause, stay classy and challenge the #statusquo – respectfully, proportionally and delicately.  Part of why we don’t talk or reveal who we work for is because we are not worried about being famous.  The joy we get is purely from knowing our words are HELPING OTHERS one article, one song, one music compilation or one newspaper column at a time.

I also mentioned how the physical manifests itself if you spend solitude time in the spiritual. Not only did my absolute favorite artist right now like one of my Instagram posts just the other day, but I met a dapper, clean-cut, and if I can say – a rowdy brother in the Queen City mean streets over the weekend. This encounter occurred while on my “Ghost-writing tours of Wakanda”.

I’m a bit of a Social Provocateur, so all I asked the clean-cut brother in the fitted green polo was,

“Yo, you a rapper, B?

I’m sure you can guess. He said,

“No, I’m not a rapping ass ni**a, but that dude right there – he is”.

Shocked and bewildered, I got into @Afropean.Artist mode and did my best to strike a conversation. I definitely failed miserably at marketing my alleged ghostwriting talent, but because I used to work in a detail-oriented profession so my research and documentation skills kicked in – heavy.  I asked a couple of probing questions of the crew, made some quick double taps on the gram and followed a couple of characters and then I let fate take its course.

Meanwhile, the Liverpool Charlotte mandem were not happy with me because on Saturday our beloved team was playing – but I was wearing an AC Milan jersey.  Let’s not forget the recently inaugrated President of Liberia is George Weah who played for AC Milan and won the coveted Ballon D’or.  Google it. I guess it’s not about what you’re wearing, but more about what is etched on the four chambers of your heart.  I bleed Liverpool red and I have a rather large #YNWA #BillShankly gate tattoo on my back – which I will not be posting.  You’d have to be in the #TribeofGuruvé to see it.  Born during my rebirth, I realized I will “Never Walk Alone” after overcoming the loss of my spine.  My spine at the time were some old friends and many other things I sadly lost in an acrimonious 30-day period a couple of years ago. Dang.

But anyway, let me introduce a brother called Burl Dollah and shout out to his crew for making this post a reality. They asked me,

“Yo, if you out here ghostwriting, show us what you do”.

I said,

“Unfortunately, you have to pay for our silence bro.”

So, here it is. This is what we ALSO do at the #TribeofGuruvé.

We bring, juice sauce and power like @AfroB_ said in his song “Juice and Power”. We also write lyrics and recently started a biweekly song review column called #UnsyndLyt.

**Honestly, I’m actually not sure if Burl Dollah is signed, but he ought to have a million dollar deal.  I guess I need to research more.  All I can reveal is he was so chill and so kind to me on a regular sunny Saturday afternoon.  That’s golden.

More rapping brothers need to be genuine like Burl Dollah.

In the same breath, I bumped into my #PartnaDem riding his bicycle around the city with a pretty gal from Barking, London.  It doesn’t matter who she really is so STOP being nosy young fella.

Nonetheless, Charlie Chaplin and I are on the same creative level and maybe – maybe you will hear our voices on our #Podcast coming soon.  We just need to save some pennies and get it popping – but maybe we already started.   Desus and Mero are the ballers of it all, and we’re young beginners.  I guess there just aren’t too many Africans offering what we offer to the streets or to the culture and primarily for the gal dem and man dem.

I mean Black Panther just came out and if you’re not inspired – I don’t know man. We’ve been anticipating Black Panther for centuries. At least my ancestors have been waiting on Afro-Futurism.  Marvel gave it us, so now we are marching on to the promised land of Wakanda.   Shoutout to @ChadwickBoseman for confirming some things I wasn’t sure about being a real Wakanda Warrior.  Anyway.

Listen to this song:

More Fire:

I bet you didn’t know him before you opened this page.  If you did that’s cool, but if not, you’re welcome.

Honestly, sometimes I talk too much, but I bet you didn’t know I write even more. For now I’m just going to take a step back, chill and shut up.  Burl Dollah is the truth, man. He spits rapidly, clearly and is comfortable in his own skin like a slithering black mamba.  In Zimbabwe we call this venomous snake the “rovambira” which technically means “beating lanellphone”.  According the “trusted” Wikipedia,

“The lanellphone or mbira is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs”.

Let Burl Dollah preach and play his mbira.  Class is in session.

We at the #TribeofGuruvé wish him Love, Safety, Positivity, Good Food and More Success because he’s a rappin’ a** brotha. Our only fault is not getting a picture with him.

You read it here – first.

© SonofGuruvé 2018

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Skeletons from Cool Runnings


I’m not really sure what to say today.

I never thought the day would come when a fantasy would become a reality.

The fantasy is derived from my first Motion Picture experience – watching Cool Runnings with my little brother Razzle Dazzle and Sister as a toddler.   I spoke to her the other day on my morning walk to the bus stop before passing by Muhammad’s 7Eleven gas station on Tryon Street.   I love this little routine.   So much culture and diversity meanders the middle class Charlotte streets, then I hop into one of its rusty buses that drives me through the projects and into the city’s trillion-dollar boulevards and banks.   It’s amazing what happens when you stop driving a car and are no longer insulated everyday – you begin to live.

“Fiona, it was pure joy to reminisce about the impossibilities that the movie presented. Thanks for showing me a movie that inspired me to never bow down to impossibility”.

Why Impossibilities?

Well this month,  as a black people we are truly going through an African Diasporan Utopia with all this Black Panther magic, and now of course the Winter Olympics that have captured the imagination of millions.  Olympics are good for humanity.   A sense of belonging and national pride lights up social media circles, bars and televisions across the country – but it’s the Winter Olympics.  How is this connected to Africa and since when do Africans have a right to be waving their flags in the Winter Olympics? Last time I checked, the winters are decent in Africa – barely freezing temperatures.

Maybe just my ignorance.

You can see the confusion on people’s faces when I remind them about:

Akwasi Frimpong, Shannon-Ogbani Adeba, Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere, and Akuoma Omeoga, Sabrina Wanjiku Simader, Samir Azzimani, Akwasi Frimpong, Mialitiana Clerc, Connor Wilson and Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean.
Google them.

According to One Blogger Sadof Alexander,

These skilled athletes will showcase true strength, endurance, and dedication on the snowy mountains of Pyeongchang.  No matter who takes home the gold, the accomplishments of these athletes are worth noticing.

Another impossible thing happened today.

Akwasi Frimpong sent us a message at the #TribeofGuruve – with just one character.

No reason to reveal what was said yet, but I’m just grateful for the “character of inspiration”.  All he had to do was use one emoji character which for me, was covered in African magic.  It was a moment that uncoiled my lofty dreams to the heavens just as adversity was trying to trickle into my soul and psyche.   This happens from time to time, and mostly when you have to deal with belittling comments and criticism of your life passion’s work.  Some talk about the “language”, or “too much content”, or supposedly “a lack of strategy”.

But trust me daddy, we have an unseen army even the Wakanda Warriors would have a hard time finding.  Remember we are from Zimbabwe and Wakanda’s based on the 1500 century Kingdom of Mutapa.  Guruve is in the Kingdom of Mutapa under where modern-day Zimbabwe rests.  At the #TribeofGuruve we consider Wakanda as our Afro Futurism coming to life.  We’ve always been around the block.

Look up how long it takes to unencrypt the Advanced Encryption Standard.  That’s what the US Government uses, maybe that’s what we use too.  Wakanda ain’t got nothing on us and we are charmed and honored to be represented – NOW.

Many don’t understand where these words emanate from, and why we call ourselves ghostwriters and no longer like to talk on camera.  We had to die to become ghosts.  Giving birth to who we are today is becoming who we ought to be in this evil world.   We used to allow people to look into our eyes, but cover them because that’s where the gateway to our souls are. Now all we do is try to write – to help.

We don’t mind bringing good food and good sauce one post, one word and one project at a time.  We are just very glad to have found our life’s purpose.  We are also glad because one character from Akwasi Frimpong was all we needed to wake up at 4am and scribe for the man dem and gyal dem.

I think this Tweet speaks for how the #TribeofGuruve feels deep down along with the city of Kumasi and surrounding territories of Ghana and Africa.

As a matter of fact, this post doesn’t have to waste your time trying to convince you that you are witnessing the New Age Africa like I once wrote about in 2016.

Do yourself a favor, gerrara here mayne and read these gems:

1. The Atlantic

2. The Daily Mail

3. CNN – African Voices

Okay, now that you’ve digested some good food, here’s a preview that I’m not lying about the inspiration behind this post. Thank you Akwasi.  I thought it would be unethical to post this screenshot, but just as impossible as our African connection was, your debut in the Winter Olympics is emphatically more impossible – and you proved us wrong.

The Skeletons from Cool Runnings came back to life.  I guess nothing is impossible.

Dare to be great – like Akwasi Frimpong.

©️ SonofGuruve 2018

Installment #1 – Unsigned Light – Soldier

You ever wake up at 6:00 am, have a raspy voice and all you need is a Marlboro cigarette and some cold water?

Well, that’s how this first installment of “UnsyndlLyt” made us feel.

  • Artists – Stretch Anon & Zeroh
  • Song – Soldier
  • Location – London, UK
  • Mixtape – The TMB Mixtape including the track Soldier
  • Date Out – April 2nd in London, England.

So, one Monday morning a #TribeofGuruvé partna dem hit us up because of our mutual love for the culture. You see, Grime, Afro Beat, Reggae, House and UK Hip-Hop flow through our veins whether we are in Zimbabwe, England or the United States.

We exist to bring unsigned hype and light to the masses for the voiceless gal dem or mandem recording raspy unmixed and potent rhymes because all they wanna do is help their good vibe tribe, families and friends.

Can’t we just give the mandem a chance to shine, earn some dimes and help other minds?

Many don’t understand that art is art whether scribed on a piece of paper or typed in a Windows 95 operating system. My iPad and iPhone 6s are are my scribing Bible. Man, if I was a desciple BC or AD I’d be recording lyrics and parables – daily.

So here’s are some excerpts that I was able to unravel from Soldier. If I am to opine, Soldier should be in a fight scene of Black Panther 2.  At least I have the vision for it. Soldier just seems like the soundtrack of a mid-motion-picture fight scene. I imagine the villain or victor preparing for battle – but the motion picture viewer believes in an imminent victory for the protagonist.

I’m not going to act I could decipher everything clearly because @TrademarktheBlock told me the track hasn’t been mixed and mastered yet. Personally, I prefer the raspy version for the same reasons I stated in my opening sentence.  New unreleased music to us is like fresh water.  To think that I was the first person in America to listen to the song is water that could quench even the Queen’s thirst.

The Pen is my sword,

And the victim is my den,

Switch blades, running through my brain,

Switch lanes with the draggers and the Feds….

Back to that movie scene.

Perhaps it’s an anime movie scene before a battle resumes between two war lords from an Anime violent scene. I’m not 100% sure, but that’s where I want #UnsyndLyt to take you each time you read our bi-weekly Reviews.

Solder, man I had to go through a lot,

I wasn’t holding a gun,

But I was wandering no one would come,

I didn’t know of too much,

I was holding……


So I’m in training,

Mentally conditioned and my brain is,

Different ways to think this life is just a game………..

Anyway, I think I will end here.

I can’t exactly give it all away, but I think this review is perfect for building the anticipation the finished product deserves.


One day we will have the whole mandem saying Braaap.

Special shoutout to @TrademarktheBlock for working with us and sharing their #UnsyndLyt.  Best wishes to the Soldier project.

Next #UnsyndLyt post is an artist called Raveena Aurora (@raveena_aurora).

She told us she was unsigned today. Hopefully we can help.  See you in two weeks.

#UnsyndLyt is the #TribeofGuruve’s Biweekly review of an unsigned artist. We focus on music found in Zimbabwe, The United Kingdom and the United States because we genuinely have experiences there.  Send us your favorite songs to from an individual compilation or album and all we can offer is our honesty every two weeks.

#UnsyndLyt #TribeofGuruvé #Unsigned #Hype #Mics

©️ SonofGuruve 2018