#TribeofGuruvé ™️ Society & Culture Agency #FreeConsultations

A funky collective of Multi-Media Artists. We adapted Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s words: "Art and Literature are the weapons". Our focus is solely to HELP OTHERS irrespective of their reputation, status or life’s struggle through our society, culture, social media and the written word. Everyone has a story to tell.


When we travel back to the homeland #OurTribe connects to:


Currently we are delicately architecting the #GoodVibeTribe with lawyers and the kind gal dem, Cookie Carnie, CT, LS.

We are are just some school kids from #Africa showing you a good time on the continent with plenty and unquestionable security.

Ask our big brother Neville M who understands the political and social climate very well.

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