Imagine you were born during Zimbabwe’s post-liberation struggle infamously known as Gukurahundi.

Imagine gliding across three continents as a little black immigrant unaware of your ancestral history.

Imagine studying numbers, but at the end of the day, having a hard time balancing the unending numbers of life.

Imagine finding a passion for Helping Others, but not knowing how and where to start.

Imagine crossing the sands of Phi Beta Sigma as an Ace.

Imagine falling to your knees and trying to get back up because you were told to never die on your knees.

Imagine waking up at night and begging the ancestors for guidance to restore equilibrium.

Then imagine giving trying to give back to your family and good vibe tribespeople.

These are the footsteps of our #ChiefWarrior.

Self-named SonofGuruvé, born in the 80s and thrust upon this earth to seek greatness like everyone should.

He guiltily might not make it, but at least he’s trying to write to the front of an invisible line, breaking barriers, stereotypes with a blunt pencil, a cracked iPhone and a second hand iPad.

By engaging others he’s uncovering who he really is – one post at a time.

Born in Zimbabwe, “exiled” to England and inspired by Social Entrepreneurship values in the United States of America he is unashamedly and unapologetically African.

If there are any errors or mistruths, contact SonofGuruvé on:


Lastly, SonofGuruvé lives by the following values: 


Found People Find People,

Growing People Change,

Saved People Serve People,

You Can’t Outgive God,

You Can’t Do Life Alone,



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