Mr. Steve Mabasa

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So, “Hello” as Siri would say and how can I help?

In my quest to learn about myself and find the right ways to help others, I routinely refer to selected advisors or Chief Elders in the Jordan community or recently, Mai Janet based in Wales, UK. After a candid conversation with the Tosé Zimbabwe lead, she advised me to read The Secret and said, “Book iroro rakaoma shamwari”! which is translated, “That book is unforgettable my friend!”.

Remember, I call it Jordan’s city or Charlotte, NC because everybody likes Mike and Netflix recently released the City Of God: 10 years later after being nominated at the world renowned Cannes Film Festival.

When seeking advice primarily Pops or @DanManyika on Twitter is a good start, but a wise man would also seek from other minds to get a different picture or perspective, right? One afternoon on our WhatsApp calls, Baba asked me to list in chronological order, Samaritans that have played a significant role in my perceived success as an immigrant in the United States of America.

It was a thought provoking exercise retrieving bits of nostalgia and looking backwards, which I generally don’t advise regularly, but oddly, brought about a positive outcome. We certainly spent close to an hour catching up and dissecting the Whos, Whys, Whens and Wheres encapsulating a thirteen year journey trying to blaze an unknown trail for the family and tribe. The irony is some identified as helpers at the time, are no longer in the same category due to “different” circumstances or as they say,

He’s just a bitter guy from Zimbabwe who thinks he’s from England.

“Move on”, Pops said.

Deep reflection of our helpers is an exercise we ought to schedule every year or so because we’d be surprised at how many lessons we’ve learned along the way, right? Just try not to make the same mistakes that you made and deliberately reflect on the lessons that each Samaritan or event taught you.

So moving on.

“Get it?” as @ASAPRocky says in Praise the Lord.

“Flexing on these ni**as, every bone and muscle”….

“….and I’d like to give a shoutout to my ni**az with a game plan”….

…”Pocket loaded, rocket loaded, ok let’s rock and roll with it….”

So in yet another quest to be a better Society and Culture writer, I always have books and magazines, music or radio around me. After all, I stopped watching television some years ago to take a break or perhaps I couldn’t afford the service at the time. Big deal right, and certainly embarrassing to admit it during the spell. Ironically, it was just the beginning of impregnating a creative and fertile part of my brain I had no idea could be unearthed. The best way to describe it perhaps was that it was a thundering “eureka” or “voila” moment, as Miss Hunt taught us in our two years of French classes at Dragon College.

When I halted content consumption from television, my favorite books became my favorite movies and TV shows. The chapters, the series. The DJs, the commentators and the actors were the friends and frenemies of my bruised ego and imagination trying to stay entertained – literally.

Nonetheless, I’ll never forget the evening while working in the Larry Jackson Library of Bearcat College where my pal at the time and now Ivy League graduate shared the video linked above. It’s perhaps why I love my Apple iPhone and still grieving my missing or stolen iPad. I literally use both to write what are really long text messages, but really are blogs and stories delivered to you as the fan or follower. I love you all.

Not advertising, but I also love Apple because of the dots Steve Jobs taught us about. The speech is powerful to this day because dots are evidently events in our lives that can make or break us. When I meditated and stretched one morning, I realized I’ve been through a lot of heavy sh*t since I left Zimbabwe, but at the end of the day, each made me a better or a more refined individual and hopefully a more impactful writer. The other day a friend added to this revelation,

Everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for.

Another friend called Allen with his North Carolinian country accent added to the personal discovery,

Well little Tiger. I’m proud of you. You sure are here for a reason.

We all embraced and exchanged cheers 🍻 and another brother from Philly added,

It requires a lot of pressure to make a diamond.

In these last months, I am proud to confidently introduce myself as an Entrepreneur and a Social Entrepreneur who writes and uses many tools including Social Media to be a Helper through his Jesuit influences. I find no greater pleasure in helping other people because it’s only then that I have been able to find peace and closer to equilibrium.

In closing, I am hopeful the Republic of Zimbabwe can continue connecting the dots and map out our economic enrichment or revival through the smart, hardworking minds and diamonds at home and abroad. I’ll give you the perfect picture:

*Sadly 95% of class of 1999 are not based in Zimbabwe. There are several entrepreneurs, professionals of the highest degree, entertainers and sports people. Perhaps there is more sense or an urge to return so long as as the economic, social and political environment ripens and aligns with the hopes and dreams Miss Robinson taught us to seek. We miss her 7am walks and we miss our Sister Zimbabwe dearly.

Since Miss Robinson let us fly out of her Irish ☘️ nest at the turn of the century, when and where can we host our 20-year reunion? I’ll leave you to connect the dots for yourself, so good luck Zimbabwe. As those new soccer fans or American Outlaws say,

We believe that we will WIN.

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*Oh by the way, Mabasa means Jobs.

©️ SonofGuruvé 2018

24 Hours of AfroPop

Wow! I miss Jack Bauer or Kiefer Sutherland but anyway, I really love AfroPop Nation!

You’ll see what I did there if you keep reading, smiley face.

I am an AfroPop fan and if you scroll to an earlier post called Diaspora Drums, you’ll notice we too at the TribeofGuruvé ™️ have grown with AfroPop Nation.

Special shoutout to #MoreheadTavern for all the #memories they have provided in the heart of CHARLOTTE, NC or should we call it Jordan’s city?

You know what, so much growth and maturity has come from the folks and team at AfroPop Nation and I’m here to report it.

Firstly, we must all be #grateful for the #FANS and #Followers because without you, we are nothing. It’s means a lot to each and everyone of us associated with AfroPop. You too, have seen us mature as good vibe tribespeople.

Secondly, we must be thankful for the healthy, relationships that have been planted, watered, fostered, raised, built, and strengthened in the last 24 hours, 24 volumes and ironically 24 months.

It’s the truth.

When we initiated our #SOCIAL #CULTURAL exchange with the Igbo Rebel famously known as Kato & his Co-operative #TRIBE, it was exciting, exhilarating and refreshing beyond #ReasonableDoubt like JAY-Z once said in his first album many moons and many years ago.

If you read “Diaspora Drums” you too will understand the impact this event has had on our #writing and #social #entrpreneurial hopes and dreams over the last 24 months and what can only be described as a not-so-easy, thorn-infested journey like playing snakes and ladders.

The most important thing to know is that we never stopped moving, we never paused because if you look at anything kinetic – oh like a watch, it never stops and neither does a pendulum swing. Shoutout to the ‘Merica for teaching us this on July 4th.

We appreciate all the images, pictures, articles, interviews, artists, writers, podcasts and creators that have arisen because of AFROPOP NATION. We’re just glad to provide some much needed juice, sauce and power in return.

We thank the ALMIGHTY, the ANCESTORS and the PROTECTORS for keeping us safe and for allowing this event to blossom in the capacity that MOREHEAD TAVERN & STAFF have facilitated #24 times.

Oh and now for some spiritual mathematics.

The irony is that there are 24 hours in a day and a new season is certainly upon us. Oh? If we do the mathematics, 2 is now becoming a 4 and the day that was made was 8.18.18. You’d have to read Deuteronomy 8 v18 to understand how divine this day was for our Tribe.

Perhaps like SPIKE LEE once hinted, “If you do the right thing”, then you’ll understand where the fountain is.

I am thrilled to say AfroPop Nation is #ARGUABLY #NorthCarolina and the SEC’s most authentic and electric AFRO-infused Social and Cultural event on the calendar. The coolest thing is that all we do is help each other like brothers and sisters should. We also think Clemson should be in the SEC because the chickens 🐓 always come to roost. You can’t roam with the Tigers who always ride with the Panthers. Get it smiley face? In all seriousness, can college football come already so I can take my Banter crown.

At this juncture, it appears there’s #more to come and optimistically the best is yet come. Remember, for any ending, there’s a new beginning so trust your process like the NBA African Media and Entertianment personality, Joel Embiid who always bellows out. The lady who runs @RunTowardYourLife uttered it too and it was reverberated in our memory for weeks.

#The best is certainly yet to come, so #JOIN #THETRIBE as we #Elevate our #Ordained purpose.

It’s a new Moon.

It’s a new day.

Perhaps, as the Jesuits once taught, from faith comes confidence and Banterians are where it’s at.

We also wanted to say Rest In Peace to Aretha Franklin and Kofi Annan. We are honored to carry their legacy for humanity forward. Winnie Mandela who you saw above was missing in action, but we know she was there in spirit.

It’s me, now you see us and all our tribe wants to do is help others.

Our leader is an African Jesuit who is a Sigma. He’d like to lead from the front. 🙅🏿‍♂️.

Sun, Soil & Sun ft. Prince Desire

Published 7/13/2018

SonofGuruvé ft. Prince Desire

Naijah 🇳🇬

Poetic Reflections surrounding the events leading up to a concert in Charlotte.

Messi like Lionel,

Mother in the Lion Tribe,

Shout to the Real Gs and all the Minors.

Tion Wayne always helping Mandem with his sounds man,

Dollar for Dollar man,

Pound for Pound man,

Doing it for our Mums,

Not forgetting that the love of money is the root of all evil,

Do it for the Love,

Fly like 3 Sigmas, Pearly white Doves,

Gliding over the Three Pyramids,

Three Horsemen, Gang of Three Kings!

Coz Man dem never been subbed.

CLT 704s, sour grapes and African friends – once loved.

Preaching Love and Positivity.

But many don’t fathom the harsh African reality,

The thorns, the trail and the Cancer gravity,

Catching feelings and scratched into insanity.

Shoutout to Kato, Heff. & Steel Wheel,

And all the Yoruba Chiefs and Igbo Rebels!

And all the African Mandem massive.

Couldn’t wait to see the Burna Boy in the Queen City.

CLT handled the Man with Southern African Hospitality,

Common Market fam, Man must’ve missed ya.

Game Over for all of the gyal dem,

Pass by SuCassa; House of Africa and the AfroPop Nation,

Even the tall Shadows of Statesville Camp Northend,

They even got yoga and higher level meditation.

Roads led to Bakadi! And No we’re not sorry,

Yeah all of dat,

It only cost Uber pennies,

Yes Siarra you were the Sparta Darling,

Channel U!

Perhaps one day we’ll rise like the Phoenix like Raheem Sterling,

African American British Stallion,

Nigerian and Jamaican Chameleons,

Let’s all have a Citeh toast.

U were all invited,

Tomorrow let’s meet and have some dutty wine and some Jerk Chicken

All Sean Paul gotta say is unda what medley?

–Passage by:

@afropean.artist of @tribeofguruve ghost collective ™️.

©️ 2018 SonofGuruve

Dare to be Daniel

Daring to be Daniel is knowing who you are, where you’re from and helping others.

If you remember the book of Daniel in the Old Testament, there’s a story about the lion’s den where Misheck and Abednigo face the fire, right?

I couldn’t imagine what it was like for them, but only their spirituality and faith allowed them to survive.

The irony of this post is actually not completely about Daring, but about a Shona language term called Dare. –pronounced [da-re]

Dare is is actually a term used to describe a tribal court system where disagreements or misunderstandings are resolved. I’ve personally seen these in action in Guruve, Zimbabwe where my grandfather would preside over the tribal council.

If you read Sarikosi University this is where the judgements were pronounced and finalized before my parents, aunts and uncles were dismissed.

One thing for sure is that they were private matters and never made public to protect the tribal spirit. Fighting in public was not appreciated because it caused disunity among tribal friends and family.

Disagreements are common, but in Africa while we have a robust court system, many tribal discussions are settled in a dare. Everyone concerned mentions their grievances to the Chief and once everyone has had a chance to speak, the tribal folks beat the drums to signal peace.

If the rains come on the same day, I imagine that it is an evident signal from the ancestors that all sins are forgiven. I guess that’s why I understand Baptism. Water cleanses.

My grandfather used to talk to the ancestors everyday and he would walk on the muddy plains of Gota Farm asking for the rains.

As one of his cherished grandsons, I never understood why he would get up so early to walk around the farm, but it makes sense now that I’m older.

Edited at 558am.

Buy/Read Two Worlds Apart by Daniel Manyika.

Available on Amazon.

Matchsticks for Passion

When an old fraternity fellow or advisor warns you,

Don’t play with matchsticks if you don’t want no smoke.

What does it mean – really? We weren’t sure, but we know it inferred a worrying and uncomfortable sensation when delivered in front of our tribe and for the world to see in living color. Nonetheless, we were initially unfamiliar with the term, but well aware that matchsticks are used to create fire for warmth or a magnificent fury – if not controlled. Sometimes, the flames inside of you will lead you to self destruct and if not, and quite the opposite, the flames will fire your passions positively. We politely declared to our brother that we will continue to play with matchsticks to fire our passion to help others through the written word. Sometimes, we all need a giant slap on the face or wrist for this flame to be diverted in a different direction. If you feed negative emotions, you too will become negative and sadly – disintegrate into charred remains and gray ashes. The slap in the face can represent many different things, but when you step into faith and stop fighting fate, every experience should be considered a blessing. Overall, it was an indicator that signaled us into a new trajectory.

The lesson we were taught was if you feel unwanted, seek and drink from a different fountain and which introduces a podcast segment concept called #FreshofftheBoat. In Zimbabwe, Africa 🇿🇼 we use the term to describe a new person in a territory they are unfamiliar with. At least that’s what it was in the 90s. More recently and sadly for our tribe #Freshofftheboat also reminds us of horrific, nomadic migrant experiences to foreign countries across deadly waters and more specifically, North Africa to Europe – where millions drown trekking and risking it all to find a better life.

Sometimes, no matter how you try to be understood, you will never be accepted for who you truly are. You will drown in the tyranny, aggression and misconceptions of whatever you’re trying to accomplish, hence why it is important to hold on to your spirituality and faith.

Anyway, for our #FreshofftheBoat experience we channeled our oozing energy through a local adventure company and run by an artistic trio.

As Africans, we generally try to stay rooted in familiarity for safety and comfort. The adventure company was quite the opposite and allowed us to be uncomfortable and if you’ll read Nobleman’s LB, you’ll understand where being too comfortable leads you. They made us feel welcome, gifted us with fruit, energetic snacks and a fresh experience hidden in our distant memory.


It was close to ten years since hiking the pulsating trails, greenery and mountains of Black Mountain, North Carolina through the Christian folks at Camp Rockmont in our progressive and developmental years.Camp Rockmont was our first exposure to leadership and the wilderness in the United Sates. Special shoutout to Miss Louise for facilitating this unique #freshofftheboat experience. The drive was long and exhausting, but more importantly an adventure for the tribe to breed new relationships and mentor young boys. This is why we envisage and encourage volunteering to reach pieces of blank paper. Mentoring the young allows you to play a role in building their character (blank pieces of paper) – and as Doctor Tashie reminded us many years ago in Black Mountain, NC. So if anything, we were taken back to the #Rockmont experience and if you know,  you know. Shoutout to Pusha T’s DAYTONA.The overall message is:

1. Seek new experiences because you will definitely free re-energized, refurbished and sparked like those matches we spoke about above.

2. Nature is God’s signature and the #TribeofGuruve now understands that #FreshoffTheBoat experiences are intimately important for our enrichment.

3. So enjoy the sunshine and the wind that resonates with peace.

©️ SonofGuruvé2018

Tribal Characteristics

▪ Top 14 Mhofu Characteristics:

1 Never stop learning until you die.

2 Define clearly in your mind what you think success looks like and spend a lot of your time pursuing that vision.

3 Stay positive even when the chips are down and when all looks lost.

4  Learn from your mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake in your life.

5 Especially at work do not get involved in gossip. If you have to say anything about someone in his/her absence make sure that it is something nice about that person. If you have negative views about someone, keep that to yourself.

6 Be on time ALWAYS.

7 Never send an e-mail in anger or in haste. Read it over and over and make sure it accurately captures the essence of what you want to say. Words disappear into thin air or memories fade. If an email is not deleted, it is permanent evidence against or for you.

8 Things are not always what they appear to be. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend although most will be. Similarly if someone does not talk to you often enough, it does not necessarily mean that they do not like you.

9 Keep reminding yourself about your good side and also aim to improve your areas of weakness.

10 Have an annual plan in life and identify the things that you want to achieve and link this to what I wrote in 2 above. It does not have to be many things, maybe 2 or 3 things, but they must be important milestones in your life.

11 Show RESPECT, but not fear to your peers and superiors.

12 Learn to LISTEN carefully to every thing people say. Sounds simple, but we do not always listen and sometimes miss key messages in the process.

13 Honor your promises.

14 The words “thank you” or “please” should be an integral part of your language.

15 It’s okay to feel underestimated. Just show up when it’s time to rumble in the jungle.

16 Pray everyday.

17 Help Others.

18 Tell the truth. It may be uncomfortable at first, but only then will you be free.

19 Don’t worship human beings. Worship ideas. They will never betray you.

20 Whatever your vices are, do them in moderation.

This 20 point bullet message is brought to you by the #TribeofGuruve.

©️ SonofGuruvé 2018