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Mr. Steve Mabasa

You’d need to watch this speech before going forward in this post and I hope you leave a comment or at least share.

So, “Hello” as Siri would say and how can I help?

In my quest to learn about myself and find the right ways to help others, I routinely refer to selected advisors or Chief Elders in the Jordan community or recently, Mai Janet based in Wales, UK. After a candid conversation with the Tosé Zimbabwe lead, she advised me to read The Secret and said, “Book iroro rakaoma shamwari”! which is translated, “That book is unforgettable my friend!”.

Remember, Jordan is Charlotte, NC because everybody likes Mike and Netflix recently released the City Of God: 10 years later after being nominated at Cannes Film Festival.

When seeking advice primarily Pops or @DanManyika on Twitter is a good start, but a wise man would also seek from other minds to get a different picture or perspective, right? One afternoon on our WhatsApp calls Baba asked me to list in chronological order, Samaritans that have played a significant role in my perceived success as an immigrant in the United States of America.

It was a thought provoking exercise retrieving bits of nostalgia and looking backwards, which I generally don’t advise regularly – but oddly, brought about a positive outcome. We certainly spent close to an hour catching up and dissecting the Whos, Whys, Whens and Wheres encapsulating a thirteen year journey trying to blaze an unknown trail for the family and tribe. The irony is some identified as helpers at the time, are no longer in the same category due to “different” circumstances.

“Move on”, Pops said.

Deep reflection of our helpers is an exercise we ought to schedule every year or so because we’d be surprised at how many lessons we’ve learned along the way, right? Just try not to make the same mistakes that you made and reflect on the lessons that each Samaritan or event taught you.

So moving on.

“Get it?” as @ASAPRocky says in Praise the Lord.

“Flexing on these ni**as, every bone and muscle”….

“….and I’d like to give a shoutout to my ni**az with a game plan”….

…”Pocket loaded, rocket loaded, ok let’s rock and roll with it….”

In my quest to be a better Society and Culture writer, I always have books and magazines, music or radio around me. After all, I stopped watching television some years ago to take a break or perhaps I couldn’t afford the service at the time. Big deal right, and certainly embarrassing to admit it during the spell. Ironically it was just the beginning of impregnating a creative and fertile part of my brain I had no idea could be unearthed. The best way to describe it perhaps was that it was a thundering “eureka” or “voila” moment, as Miss Hunt taught us in our two years of French classes at Dragon College.

Picking up after the detour when I halted content consumption from television, my favorite books became my favorite movies and TV shows. The chapters, the series or segments, the DJs, the actors were the friends and frenemies of my bruised ego trying to stay entertained – literally.

As we continue reading this post, I’ll never forget the evening while working in the Larry Jackson Library of Bearcat College where my pal at the time and now Ivy League graduate shared the video linked above. It’s perhaps why I love my Apple iPhone and still grieving my missing or stolen iPad. I literally use both to write what are really long text messages, but really are blogs and stories delivered to you as the fan or follower.

Not advertising, but I also love Apple because of the dots Steve Jobs taught us about. The speech is powerful to this day because dots are evidently events in our lives that can make or break us. When I mediated and stretched one morning, I realized I’ve been through a lot of heavy sh*t since I left Zimbabwe, but at the end of the day, each made me a better or a more refined individual. I then recently heard a friend add to this revelation the other day,

Everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for.

Another friend, with his North Carolinian country accent added to the personal discovery and said,

Well little Tiger. I’m proud of you. You sure are here for a reason.

We all embraced and exchanged cheers 🍻 and another added,

It requires a lot of pressure to make a diamond.

In these last months I am proud to confidently introduce myself as an Entrepreneur and a Social Entrepreneur who writes and uses many tools including Social Media to be a Helper through his Jesuit influences. I find no greater pleasure in helping other people because it’s only then that I have been able to find peace and equilibrium.

In closing, I am hopeful the Republic of Zimbabwe can continue connecting the dots and map out our economic enrichment or revival through the smart, hardworking minds and diamonds at home and abroad. I’ll give you the perfect picture:

*95% of class of 1999 are not based in Zimbabwe. There are several entrepreneurs, professionals of the highest degree, entertainers and sports people. Perhaps there is more sense or an urge to return so long as as the economic, social and political environment ripens and aligns with the hopes and dreams Miss Robinson taught us to seek. We miss her 7am walks and we miss our Sister Zimbabwe dearly.

Since Miss Robinson let us fly out of her Irish ☘️ nest at the turn of the century, when and where can we host our 20-year reunion? I’ll leave you to connect the dots for yourself, so good luck Zimbabwe. As those new soccer fans or American Outlaws say,

We believe that we will WIN.

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*Oh by the way, Mabasa means Jobs.

©️ SonofGuruvé 2018


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  1. P Munzeve
    September 16, 2018

    Well written….


    September 16, 2018

    Nice article. Well balanced 

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