Naijah 🇳🇬

Poetic Reflections surrounding the events leading up to a concert in Charlotte.

Messi like Lionel,

Mother in the Lion Tribe,

Shout to the Real Gs and all the Minors.

Tion Wayne always helping Mandem with his sounds man,

Dollar for Dollar man,

Pound for Pound man,

Doing it for our Mums,

Not forgetting that the love of money is the root of all evil,

Do it for the Love,

Fly like 3 Sigmas, Pearly white Doves,

Gliding over the Three Pyramids,

Three Horsemen, Gang of Three Kings!

Coz Man dem never been subbed.

CLT 704s, sour grapes and African friends – once loved.

Preaching Love and Positivity.

But many don’t fathom the harsh African reality,

The thorns, the trail and the Cancer gravity,

Catching feelings and scratched into insanity.

Shoutout to Kato, Heff. & Steel Wheel,

And all the Yoruba Chiefs and Igbo Rebels!

And all the African Mandem massive.

Couldn’t wait to see the Burna Boy in the Queen City.

CLT handled the Man with Southern African Hospitality,

Common Market fam, Man must’ve missed ya.

Game Over for all of the gyal dem,

Pass by SuCassa; House of Africa and the AfroPop Nation,

Even the tall Shadows of Statesville Camp Northend,

They even got yoga and higher level meditation.

Roads led to Bakadi! And No we’re not sorry,

Yeah all of dat,

It only cost Uber pennies,

Yes Siarra you were the Sparta Darling,

Channel U!

Perhaps one day we’ll rise like the Phoenix like Raheem Sterling,

African American British Stallion,

Nigerian and Jamaican Chameleons,

Let’s all have a Citeh toast.

U were all invited,

Tomorrow let’s meet and have some dutty wine and some Jerk Chicken

All Sean Paul gotta say is unda what medley?

–Passage by:

@afropean.artist of @tribeofguruve ghost collective ™️.

©️ 2018 SonofGuruve

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