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A funky collective of Multi-Media Artists. We adapted Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s words: "Art and Literature are the weapons". Our focus is solely to HELP OTHERS irrespective of their reputation, status or life’s struggle through our society, culture, social media and the written word. Everyone has a story to tell.

WAKANDA by SonofGuruvé – 3/9/2018

It was a dream, but was it?


He finally watched Black Panther.

His writing partner bought him a ticket and even though he was late, he made it just in time for some African Magic.

He’d been anticipating this moment for his whole life.

Considering, how far he’d come as an African Bootyscratcher in the United States of America.

He distinctly remembered being laughed at because he was an African student on campus.

Walking from the library, the ignorant cheerleader said, “Speak English Shaka!”.

He distinctly remembered the threat to attack him when he was in Baltimore, MD while walking around with Doctor Pari.

When a brother says, “I’ll put 5 on it”, be very careful.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

He was just a lost immigrant child unaware of black-on-black crime.  In Africa this term didn’t exist so he was just puzzled.

He distinctly remembers being barred from his girlfriend’s family home because of the pigment of his skin.

He remembers not being allowed to complete a credit application because his passport was from a foreign country.  It still is.

He remembers phone calls that were made to stop him from starting a scholarship at his almer mata.

He also remembers his Sigma brother who took him under his wings and introduced him to #BlueJuice.

He remembers his big brother who inspired him to graduate with honors by applying the true virtues of a Sigma man.

He’d been too busy party-hopping, but his big brother’s words got him back on track.

He remembers when his big brother had cancer, but didn’t know how to handle the situation so he guiltily sent “thoughts and prayers”.

Suddenly Afro-Futurism entered the fray and Black Panther is like his life story.

Dark skin and Africa are suddenly “cool” and so are dashikis and natural hair.

His tattoos now hold so much more value because when he got them, they were for his ancestors and now they’re on the global Motion Picture.

So he wrote a song/poem two weeks before the movie came out and let it be known that Danai Gurira is his crush because she is from Zimbabwe and went to his sister school.

He hopes that as she reads this, she blushes.

He is proud that his eight years in South Carolina were not in vain because he recently learned Chadwick Boseman is from Anderson.

Dang. Black Panther just walked past me.

No need to delay.

Here it is.

He is not a victim.

He’s just a legal African immigrant trying to help others one line after line.

WAKANDA  by SonofGuruvé Published 3/9/2018

Check the Fahrenheit you aren’t hot enough!

Check your mind’s mileage you ain’t GROWN enough!

Tremblin because of  dat potent African hype?

Short man scribin all of dat!

Destructing African stereotypes,


Scheming in my lab, bad man never behind,

Eagle eye sparrow, why you scared of foreign heights?

The tribe building bitcoin mayonnaise-colored hype,

Black Wall Street n dat,

Wakanda Africans beaming dat light,

Right type,

Black Panther masquerading at night

You didn’t know he’s from Zimbabwe,

The Kingdom of Mutapa,

And that’s That!

And that’s That!



Naijah gal baking me alotta Yam,

Inidian girl servin me spicy naam,

Techie gal sending me bare spam,

Christian gal – sending plenty Bible braps,

Freaky girl sending me freaky snaps,

Coco Butter but Momma say I don’t like that,

Moral compass, keep that Natwest balance,

Black Panther, Black man pull up!

HE  got the London African mandem saying BRAAAP!

Don’t say whatever coz I bring you every weather.

Now give me my sweater, it’s never cold in keDecember!

Verse Two

Check the Fahrenheit – you ain’t cold enough!

Check your mind’s mileage – you ain’t rolled enough!

They want to roll but only two seats,

They got knowledge they can’t reach,

Snapping me grinning my teeth,

They say they tall trees, but no fruit,

They say they old, but yo they a yout,

Afro Wave got her snapping me her glutes.

Short man, heavy pinstriped and beige suit,

Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Hearts?

No I’m an ACE,

I got four Black suits.

Crazy 8, No lucky card – No Pick n Play.

Gushungo’s Speech:

Now you gotta pick two!

Bad Man Forward,

Bad man Pull up!

Class is in session, growing from the roots!

So let me teach.

London Immigration had me waiting for a week,



Man I had Beef!

Give me a minute!

I’m not stuttering,

This not di Last King’s speech!


Naijah gal baking me alotta Yam,

Inidian girl baking me lotta nam,

IT gal got sending me bare spam,

Christian gal sending me plenty Bible braps,

Freak girl sending me plenty, freaky snaps,

Coco Butter Momma say I don’t like that,

Moral compass, keep that moral balance,

Black Panther, Black man pull up!

I got the London African mandem saying BRAAAP!

Don’t say whatever coz I bring you every weather.

Now give me my sweater, it’s never cold in keDecember!


Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom,

Poom Poom Poom Poom,

Don’t test me,


We Distressing.



Tribe from Mvurwi,

Left my gal from Barking,

Her name’s Landddaaaaani

Other one Tapi, Mandi and Shingi,

Black Boots!

Dem Boy smokin’ inna African fountain of truth.

We know our roots,

Our roots,

Our roots,

Wakanda Black Panther!

My ting, My G!

My rings,

Black Rims,

No Tims,

Never lean,

I’m out – Like Fela said – I’ve got death in my mutha*** pouch!

 ∞ (Adapted from Not3s’ “99 +1” song)

 © 2018 SonofGuruve


5 comments on “WAKANDA by SonofGuruvé – 3/9/2018

  1. Vinni de Zim
    August 19, 2018

    Ex Fide Fiducia! 💪


  2. Tendai
    March 13, 2018

    My hair is standing as I read. Impressive


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