Installment #1 – Unsigned Light – Soldier

You ever wake up at 6:00 am, have a raspy voice and all you need is a Marlboro cigarette and some cold water?

Well, that’s how this first installment of “UnsyndlLyt” made us feel.

  • Artists – Stretch Anon & Zeroh
  • Song – Soldier
  • Location – London, UK
  • Mixtape – The TMB Mixtape including the track Soldier
  • Date Out – April 2nd in London, England.

So, one Monday morning a #TribeofGuruvé partna dem hit us up because of our mutual love for the culture. You see, Grime, Afro Beat, Reggae, House and UK Hip-Hop flow through our veins whether we are in Zimbabwe, England or the United States.

We exist to bring unsigned hype and light to the masses for the voiceless gal dem or mandem recording raspy unmixed and potent rhymes because all they wanna do is help their good vibe tribe, families and friends.

Can’t we just give the mandem a chance to shine, earn some dimes and help other minds?

Many don’t understand that art is art whether scribed on a piece of paper or typed in a Windows 95 operating system. My iPad and iPhone 6s are are my scribing Bible. Man, if I was a desciple BC or AD I’d be recording lyrics and parables – daily.

So here’s are some excerpts that I was able to unravel from Soldier. If I am to opine, Soldier should be in a fight scene of Black Panther 2.  At least I have the vision for it. Soldier just seems like the soundtrack of a mid-motion-picture fight scene. I imagine the villain or victor preparing for battle – but the motion picture viewer believes in an imminent victory for the protagonist.

I’m not going to act I could decipher everything clearly because @TrademarktheBlock told me the track hasn’t been mixed and mastered yet. Personally, I prefer the raspy version for the same reasons I stated in my opening sentence.  New unreleased music to us is like fresh water.  To think that I was the first person in America to listen to the song is water that could quench even the Queen’s thirst.

The Pen is my sword,

And the victim is my den,

Switch blades, running through my brain,

Switch lanes with the draggers and the Feds….

Back to that movie scene.

Perhaps it’s an anime movie scene before a battle resumes between two war lords from an Anime violent scene. I’m not 100% sure, but that’s where I want #UnsyndLyt to take you each time you read our bi-weekly Reviews.

Solder, man I had to go through a lot,

I wasn’t holding a gun,

But I was wandering no one would come,

I didn’t know of too much,

I was holding……


So I’m in training,

Mentally conditioned and my brain is,

Different ways to think this life is just a game………..

Anyway, I think I will end here.

I can’t exactly give it all away, but I think this review is perfect for building the anticipation the finished product deserves.


One day we will have the whole mandem saying Braaap.

Special shoutout to @TrademarktheBlock for working with us and sharing their #UnsyndLyt.  Best wishes to the Soldier project.

Next #UnsyndLyt post is an artist called Raveena Aurora (@raveena_aurora).

She told us she was unsigned today. Hopefully we can help.  See you in two weeks.

#UnsyndLyt is the #TribeofGuruve’s Biweekly review of an unsigned artist. We focus on music found in Zimbabwe, The United Kingdom and the United States because we genuinely have experiences there.  Send us your favorite songs to from an individual compilation or album and all we can offer is our honesty every two weeks.

#UnsyndLyt #TribeofGuruvé #Unsigned #Hype #Mics

©️ SonofGuruve 2018

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