Man Like Yamen


“Yamen just talking about how far he’s come. The struggle.

Moving to a foreign country and  why h’es doing what he’s doing for the mandem.

Shouout to Osa, SonofGuruvé, Ryan, Ashok! Your Cousin, Charlie,  the Newcastle 4-4-2 New Year Mandem! But this one’s for Manchester! ”


Man now I’m buzzin!


What’s good Darling?

Didn’t I meet you in my Hood?

Maybe in school?

Remember when you called me a fool?

Now I’m so good, so Cool, a fucking Bull!

Man the Stadium and the Stands are Full!

Man like Yamen,

I’m Distressing,


For the youts and the?

The Manchester Mandem!

So solid!

Not London,

Osas brother,

Uni Mates with my brother Ryyyaann!

Yes so Flawless! So Foreign!

Mayonnaise seats!

Yes It’s a ducking German whip!


When I started I was in the fucking Conference!

Now German Championship,

But imma a Manchester Champion!

Man you should have seen!


Yeah 1999 I been dreamin!

About the Champions League!

For my Mandem!

Yeah his name is Yamen!


Verse 2

Man I’ve been scoring,

Never Falling! Striking Golden!

No Fake friends!

Afro B said it Man I bun them!

Man Like Yamen,

Sometimes in London,

But Imma give yuh this Faya from my Boot!

Sloth! Yes he’s a Boss! Paid tha Cost!

Now I’m Bugzy Malone with that Fire in the Booth!

I see yuh hatin,

But Imma a lone striker!

yes Imma a Sniper!

Bundesliga Killa!

Go Figga!

I’m the Nigerian African Jigga!

Wot do you you call me again?

Call me a dragon,

A black Stallion,

Also known as Yamen!

Man I score all the fucking time!

Man I got a Nine!

May gal so Fine!


Yeah I wear 35,

Quick Maths Quick Striker minus 26 goals!

Yeah I’m a Numba 9!!!!


Chorus x2

Outro – [German Football commentary of Yamen Scoring or Interview]

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