I lost a friend the other day, so I wrote a rap about him.

~#rip @DJLEONsa


Did you get my message?


Did you get my message?

Did Ya? Did ya? Did Ya!?

Homie Homie Homie?

I sent you a text message,

Bro let’s get faded!

Come on man! Why is it still unread?

Come Again!?

Open it! Man, Open it!

Man I assumed you’d  be up at Noon.

Zoom, ZOOm, ZOOM,


Man DJ Banda, DJ Leon!

My Zimbabwe DJ MANDEM,

I remember that time in my room,

In Biology with Thaba, Timbaland and Magoo!


Incredible, Incredible,

Incredible, Incredible,

DJ Leon u incredible.

Shortman Hustla


Man Beating those DRUMS!


Never numba 2,

We met in SET 2,

Man I’m so hurt,

Man I’m crying over you.

RIP Sahwira!

Man Beers in Cooler!

But my heart is feeling colder!

Incredible, Incredible,

DJ Leon u incredible.

No weed, but so clean, always lean,

Always a KING!

No bongs, I guess I was wrong!

Man, I guess I COPiedWRONG.


Sent you a message,

Bro It’s still unread!

Sent you a letter too,

Are you still in the Booth?

Did you read my message?

I thought you left the BOOTH?

Rest Easy Home,

We were so misunderstood,

Man, Same Hood!

Leon man you were so good,

Beats been drumming like good food ,

Wanted to introduce you,

to Wretch32,

But funny coz I havent met him yet!

Why,Why, Why?

Not tigers,


Same school,

I mean they beta give you a beautiful sendoff,

Not being rude,

but if they don’t, I’ll be moving South,

Wakanda Warrior!

You had death in your pouth,

I meant POUCH!

Sorry I’m stuttering.

What the f am I supposed to DO!?

Who’s gonna help me make this good food!?


We never spoke often,

WE were so Fresh to DEATH but now,

But now you in a coffin.

Muthafn Boppin,

Always HAPPY Balling,


Shout out to SET 2

SET 2!

Set to Never!

Set up to NEVER LOSE!

DJ Imma See you later!

I’ll always love ya!

[Outro Audio of @DJLEONsa talking]





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Send to:

#All #proceeds #go #to #his #family #to #assist #with #whatever #they #need.

Geez. Peace. That’s me.

No COPYRIGHT. Go ahead Rude Boi.

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