In my last post “My Chef” I told you about Petey’s  Little Brother, who’s now called Big Trey.  Big Trey will one day serve Sex on a Plate one day as he put it! I still chuckle when I think about this.  Friends and acquaintances ask about Big Trey but we are still building, so he’s off limits.
Nonetheless, in the same post,  I mentioned his big brother who is now a friend but used to bully me in our adolescent days. His name is Petey.
Petey used to make fun of a scar I have on the outside of my left thigh like 16 years ago in high school. It’s ridiculous to perceive how long emotional or physical scars follow you or haunt you all the days of your life. It’s just a question of how we decide to react from these life long scars.  Everyone has scars, some deeper than others, some recent, but some decades old. The delicate ones are the ones most difficult to overcome.
Rape, abuse, death, loss, bullying, abortions and racism are my top 7.
That’s why I stopped watching the news.
I can tell you that my scar was probably the most delicate because of the bullying I endured at 13 years old. I was so sad that I hated myself and hated my scar. My friend Branko UkK, my Yugoslavian pal, even got a black eye for trying to defend me one Monday morning. Oh well!
Almost a decade later I enrolled to be a Camp Counselor at a Boys Camp in Black Mountain, NC in 2007.  After one summer,  I was asked to return as a Tribal Director in charge of 50 boys and 12 counselors in 2009. For writing purposes I’ll call the location Rockmont Jungle.

Rockmont Jungle

 I had the enormous task of managing a camp for a whole summer which primarily required TRUST.  At any point in time,  I had to ensure the welfare of 50 boys was addressed and protected from the fierceness of the woods infested with bears, snakes and rodents. I had no weapon but knowledge provided by Dan Davis and Jon Brooks allowed me to survive in the wilderness.  Bear Gryls from TV would be proud because I later successfully hosted 200 kids throughout the Summer and not one was injured or bitten by a rattle snake.
I had to expose myself a  little and decided to share my scar with the kids as part of an interesting  tale about Zimbabwe, Africa. I told them a story, not factual, about how a lion that scratched my outer thigh when I was their age. While it wasn’t entirely true, it was the true African tradition of using  stories to relay societal lessons. They were locked in and wandered how I survived a lion’s scratch.  I told them it required strength, and using weakness to find strength. I told them sometimes God allows us to have scars to make us stronger.
I told them even though a lion scratched me, my scar later healed and I was stronger for it.
BearCamp, Rockmont jungle was one of my best experiences thus far in the United States. Looking back the responsibilities I had then, they prepared me to be a CEO and Mentor to the young kids I encounter when volunteering in the Inner City of Sparkle City.
You might wander why I focus on Lions and Scars?

Well,  I have a friend who coined the term called #IamMufasa.  I am so proud of this young man because he, Petey and Big Trey and I went to the same school and occupied the same classrooms once upon a time in Zimbabwe, Africa.  We all went to Dragon College or traditionally, St. Georges College. The best Boys School in Africa.  At least that’s a debate we can have on some other blog post.  This young man is much like me and on a grind 24 hours a day trying to change the world with his talents.

12669120_942887399113207_1474281741_oWayne’s story is remarkable and continues to torture those who doubted him and those who thought scars were permanent. What many don’t realize is that scars make the strong, stronger. Every time I log onto social media there isn’t a moment Wayne isn’t roaring about fitness, his clothing line or his quest to educate all of us about personal fitness. How may 20 something years old have the impact on the world like Wayne. Not many!

Now a responsible Father, and awesome Husband, Wayne has featured in Men’s Health and travelled across the globe selling this passion and scar for fitness.
Watch this space for a fellow lion that roars day and night. I present  to you my friend and my African fitness inspiration:
“Wayne Mutata”.
Google him and do your homework because I have to go. I really could write more, but I have to go and finish the fitness program he assigned me. Will I make the lion (Mufasa) himself proud? I don’t know. Just share this post so I can roar.

Per the

Wayne Mutata is a Certified USA Weightlifting Coach, Nike SPARQ Combine Trainer, and Supplement specialist. He holds a Masters in Physiology and Anatomy with a double minor in Dietary Nutrition and Exercise Science from the National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia. Wayne’s niche is specializing in Strength and Conditioning for Professional Athletes such as MMA fighters and Figure/Bikini competitors. When not training clients, Wayne is a fitness model and fitness video personality he has been featured on the cover of Fitness101 magazine. This year Wayne was nominated as one of the contestants for the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy competition. He is the owner the Itrainwithwayne company which specializes in custom workouts, supplement packages, and online training for athletes and general population clients nationally and internationally. The Itrainwithwayne brand has two training studios, the first is Headquarters located in Lancaster, PA, and the second location is in Philadelphia, PA. You can contact Wayne via email, Facebook Page:, Training Website

….And if you thought I was spreading mistruths about Men’s Health read this:

Cheers for now.
© SonofGuruve 2016

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