My Chef

He’s Patrick’s little brother.

He’s been through the thick and thin. The thorns of the side, the heat of conscious guilt, the pain of Mom’s disappointment, the sorrow of self-made mistakes, but he NEVER gave up. He’s worked under Gordon Ramsey’s chef, so pause and let that sink in.

We grew up in the same neighborhood, and were born into the same tribe as we found out today.  Mabelreighn, Harare, Zimbabwe it was, in the 90s and early 2000s. His brother, Patrick is a hardworking and enterprising man now, but used to bully me in the 8th grade. I was small, he was fiercely tall, but we were young and all sins are forgivable. Patrick and I later played on the High School Basketball team together three years later.  I remember my last game as the captain, with Patrick my vice in December 2003.  Amai was watching from the background and it was against Eaglesvale High School, the minnows of the city.  Patrick and the rest of the team lifted me on their shoulders because they knew that sadly it was my last game for St. Georges College. We’d migrate to the UK within two weeks.

AMDG. Ad Majorium De Glorium.

We wrote that on every top left page of every page at the distinguished Catholic Jesuit institution.


Anyway back to Patrick’s little brother. He has been through more than a seasoned Vietnam Veteran.  He was ONCE caught up in the game in Zimbabwe, but don’t we all get caught up?

Fortunately, I believe in second chances because it’s not about the past, not the book cover, but the story that ensues.

Patrick’s little brother later became an amazing rugby player, but later succumbed to a knee injury. TODAY he is one of the most successful Zimbabwean chefs. He cooks for a passion and today I told him he will one day open a restaurant in my Upstate City.  He is currently in Vermont cooking all types of dishes because his talents brought him to pursue the American Dream, just like I’m doing right now.  He is no longer Patrick’s little brother, but now a MAN, and now called Big Trey.

Big Trey has a bright future. He is faced with ridiculous opportunities to work in Australia, London, and South Africa. I am currently trying to convince him to come to the Upstate, SC because I see the future and the future is bright. We coined a term called “Soss”. It’s coming to a city near you! So watch this space.

According to him, he serves “Sex on a Plate”.

I laughed when he said this because it was very rude –  but as witty, as I am!

Watch this space for Big Trey, our African Chef.

© SonofGuruve 2016

Allan Manyika



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